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The Present

Your 8,000 square foot rooftop oasis and meeting place.

The Carrot Green Roof & Garden is a rooftop oasis and meeting place above The Big Carrot Community Market to the east of downtown Toronto. The rooftop is an 8000 square foot space that includes vegetation, garden exhibits and a place to gather.

The Carrot Green Roof & Garden was created from the engagement of a diverse collaboration of artists, gardeners, entrepreneurs, researchers and community members who came together to create a beautiful place to serve and protect the environment and sustain members of the community both in body and in spirit.

The garden is a place to share, a place to learn and evolve, a place to nurture and be nourished and a place of enterprise and abundance.

In 2008 the green roof was expanded and redesigned with the purpose of creating a learning hub and community space. The Carrot Green Roof & Garden as a hub for learning provides:

a) An open green space for communities to gather

b) An educational centre and community event venue

c) A resource and knowledge base for green roof technology and demonstration

The fixed green assets of the green roof include:

  • An extensive green roof – including native plants
  • An intensive green roof – including an edible garden
  • Cold frames for season extension
  • Container gardens and vertical gardens
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Biodiversity enhancements – including bee hives

The fixed assets on the roof deck include:

  • Tables, chairs and benches
  • A kitchen with BBQ, sink (hot & cold water), fridge and freezer, counter space
  • Large counter tops for demonstration and teaching
  • An indoor space in case of inclement weather

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